Pax East Preview Loadout (MMO Hut)

Michael Dunaway: "“Two minutes!” I hear the developer yell out. I scramble to complete my ultimate weapon creation, a six-round rocket launcher with turbo charged ammo that bounces off surfaces and explodes in incendiary goodness. I load into a test environment and squeeze off a few rounds against some stationary targets. My rockets connect and engulf the target in a wonderfully fiery explosion. Yes, this will be my tool of destruction.

The weapon Ive just created is unique and one of countless weapon combinations available to players in Loadout a new F2P FPS published by Edge of Reality. Let me get this out of the way, the shear amount of weapon customization that Loadout presents to players is unbelievable. Whats more, those customizations aren’t just simple reductions in recoil or changes to firing rates. Instead the weapon changes available can completely alter how the weapon behaves in the most extreme sense."

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