Why Your Girl Hates Gory Games

Some games are filled with as much blood, guts and killing as possible and that’s cool right?… Maybe to you but that’s probably not what your girlfriend is into. Odds are your girl doesn’t mind playing some games with you but when it comes to you talking about how cool your kill was or how awesome it is that the game has specific weapons your girl has probably lost all interest in said game. So why is it that your girl doesn’t get excited when you get the coolest headshot or why the way the body lays after it’s killed isn’t funny to her? Why do most girls lose interest in gory games?

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TheSuperior 2438d ago

lol girls and their little problems x)


My last GF loved them but I can understand...hell I don't really care for gore unless it's tactful.

Mythicninja2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

Why is she watching my screen, and not the stove?

abombletap2438d ago

girls i been with did like the gore and non-gore too. :P

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The story is too old to be commented.