UK Top 20 Charts: The Force is Strong with Kinect Star Wars

April 10 2012 – Kinect Star Wars manages to knock FIFA Street off the top spot and from claiming it’s fourth consecutive week at the top. Despite disappointing reviews prior to its release and currently with a Metatcritic score averaging 55/100, it’s not denying that the strength of the Star Wars brand and marketing of the game for the Kinect has made this successful to claim consumer’s money.

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cynosure2415d ago

Microsoft has another sales winner

BLow2414d ago

Maybe. Not disagreeing with you but there are no sales figures, so well have to wait and see. This game is probably good for kids though so sales could be good all around the world. And for you diehards out there, I didn't say the game was good but it might be good enough for kids. Kids don't worry about reviews like people calm down..the world will continue..haha..lighten up..I'm out

gaden_malak2414d ago

It's Star Wars, it was always going to sell no matter how bad the game is.

HarryMasonHerpderp2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

Its getting a lot of advertisement here in the UK.
Microsoft know how to sell a product,however good that project may be which is not so good in this case lol

Tai_Kaliso2414d ago

For sure, it was in the top 3 for pre-orders here in the United States before its launch.

So even though its gotten mediocre scores, it'll sell pretty well.

I actually think its a fun game and I've had quite a fun time with it.

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glennco2414d ago

kids (and parents) don't care about metacritic.

2414d ago
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