5 Book Settings Ripe for an Open World RPG

If books are going to be translated to the land of the seen, why not video games? What better palette for beloved stories exists? A place where your imagination can be fed and you can not only experience the story that you loved, but potentially you can get more detail out of it. You become the character, you are the one the whole story is centered around.

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Britainz-Fin3st2438d ago

People might diasgree but i believe Harry potter has huge potential. More so then any other i can think of anyway.

It has the huge fan base and its "gripping" story and i cannot think of a better example

NewMonday2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

they could make the player play the role of a new student, he can chose one of the four Houses explore the secrets of the castle and area, i think their is much more potential for adventure and danger even after Voldemort

and also the world of the Dark Tower would very interesting.

Britainz-Fin3st2437d ago

I agree.
The universe is already there waiting to be explored.
Theirs so much more they could add.

You could even use kinect/ eye toy for a wand, make certain spells have to use sound + wand movement etc.

It could be set before the books to place, when voldemort would be at the height of hes power and that way could have more story which wouldnt effect the storyline.

Or perhaps you could chose to be good or evil, become an auror or a deatheater, theres lots you could do..

Somebody2438d ago

All that and no mention of The Witcher. Even Obama was given a copy of the novel.

PixL2438d ago

Probably most people don't know that the game is based on a series of novels. There's also a movie/TV series but not a very good one, though fans should watch.

Anyway, isn't the article about possible games, not existing ones?

squallcloud92438d ago

Obsidian and Red Eagle were working on the wheel of time rpg but it seems it may have been cancelled.

urwifeminder2438d ago

Id like to see frank herbet trilogy the jesus incident,lazzarus effect and accension factor in movie form or game just amazing.

DasTier2438d ago

Your fanboy friend sounds pretty gay...

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