The world's most generic game character

Attention lazy designers! Construct a sci-fi grunt in six steps.

Step One:
Face-concealing masks, as popularised by Killzone's Helghast and Halo's Master Chief. A way for 'busy' designers to get around rendering faces, or to have more enemies on-screen at once - as a flat mask uses way less polygons than a bumpy face.

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OldGamer3996d ago (Edited 3996d ago )

Yeah, cause you know, Halo was the first game to design a "sci-fi grunt".

Whatever. Here's an idea! How about a game that ISN'T a FPS. Now THAT'S original!

Or a FPS that isn't military/future/sci-fi/etc.
In the last five years or more, I have yet to see a TRULY original FPS concept. It's all just a regurgitation of the same basic premise.

I'd like to see a game where you play as, let's say, a police officer , and you have to chase down criminals.
Maybe not so original, but it's a change from the typical military/sci-fi FPS.

fopums3996d ago

they forgot ridiculous name for main character's

make way for Max Thrasher! or..... Damien Hunter! you know somthing Epic would jump all over :D

bootsielon3996d ago

Crysis is an amazing feat given the amount of highly realistic faces showing real-time

DrPirate3996d ago

Generic Character's are pretty much ONLY found in rpg's. And this is because most are copy-pastes of each other.

"Seemingly ordinary boy becomes warrior, saves girl, doesn't get laid."

Sure, their art direction is usually spectacular, but fundamentally, their stories are all the same.

I'm trying to think, but Master-Chief, Kratos, Drake, Lara Croft, Agent 47, Gordon Freeman, etc, all have their own unique looks and have style. Yes, most of those mentioned can be summed up: One-Man Army, but what really defines them, are their enemies.

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