Deleted: Ashley's Cut Scene from Mass Effect 3

GR - "A number of deleted scenes have surfaced in Mass Effect 3. One such scene belongs to Ashley, who speaks to Commander Shepard regarding her near-death experience at Huerta Memorial Hospital."

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TronEOL2411d ago

Oh what the dicks. If this is real, it should have been in the game. That actually was a pretty cool scene.

TekoIie2411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

Thing is this is actually VERY good (if Real since there isnt a video on it so it could have been modded for all we know).

But it was something that bugged me a lot me ME2. People were just like "oh i thought you were dead? oh well doesnt matter".

EDIT: This is fake all the scenes (if not most) were taken from the the Ashley romance scene. Just saying that the scene could have been removed but the pics are not from the scene the article is about.

Grap2411d ago

it's fake. just look how horrible that writing and when did Bioware wrote Y'Know in subtitle. Bad Trolling

HyperCrush3652411d ago

Pleeease tell me somebody else sees the irony in Grap's commment.

TheBlackSmoke2411d ago

Not sure how legit this is but honestly I think Ashley deserved more scenes in ME3. For a main character and a love interest you don't see her for half the game and when she comes back to you she never has anything to say until the end.

Shepard describing how he died was pretty awesome, should of stayed in.

SageHonor2411d ago

Yeah you only get like 2 close convos and they're about Cerberus

Hayakuzima2411d ago

He looks curious.
I was a bit disappointed with the interaction with most of the characters tbh, compared with me2 anyhow. I would have loved any extra scenes, GIVE ME THIS ONE!
Please :-)

vikingland12411d ago

If this is true why wasn't it in the game? Ash was my sheppards love interest. It should have been in the game.

Task2411d ago

Even if it's not real, the conversation and content was solid and well written. These types of scenes in a game are great for character development. If this was actual game content, it was a poor choice to remove it on the director or teams part.

Too bad it's just dialog written over scenes from the Ashley romance scene, from what I can remember.

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