PS3 Fanboy Hands-On: Yakuza 3

Andrew Yoon writes, "The Japanese PS Store currently offers not one, but two demos of Sega's upcoming Japanese adventure, Yakuza 3 (aka Ryu ga Gotoku Kenzan). At the very least, the two demos reassure us that there's a large number of things to do in this PS3 exclusive. However, as is typically the case with games of this nature, it seems the Jack of all Trades approach Yakuza 3 is taking means the game does many things well, but nothing stands out as particularly excellent."

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Blademask3991d ago

Their entire article was pretty much what I summarized from playing the game. Which is common sense.

I don't think you can give this one an honest opinion unless you speak Japanese.

The game seems like its a huge rpg type deal, with blocks and blocks of text. Its common for games to not have characters actually SPEAKING but moving their mouths while you read the text.

I think the guys at fanboy are trying to review it as a beatemup/shooter/adventure game.