Sony CES 2008 Press Conference Highlights

Gamespot has released a video showcasing some highlights of the Sony Press Conference.

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HarryEtTubMan3969d ago

holy sh!T WHAT A BADASS MP3 player lololol... Sony has obviously got the price of Blu Ray down... Blu Ray PC drive only 199$ already???? NICEEEE

Darkiewonder3969d ago

Imagine it on a coffee table spinning off of it.

I think it's a nice idea but really.

MaximusPrime3969d ago

you never know. Something like this might sell alot.

Darkiewonder3969d ago

I know. I'm a sucker for gadgets like that. and I like the way it looks. [Basis purchases by the way it looks] lol

INehalemEXI3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

I just stick to psp for music one mobile is enough and it seems psp can do everything once it gets that microphone for skype, to make it a mobile phone, and gps in US. So much for the rumored psphone eh psp is a phone soon enough....crazy.

jaja14343969d ago

Enh I'm all for integrating different functionalities into one set piece but really, a phone the size of the PSP. Yes it can play great games, but I don't want to carry around or hold up to my face something that large for the sake of making phone calls.

xplosneer3969d ago

Maybe they should add Bluetooth or come out with "WiFi headset".

Greek993969d ago

Sonys press conferrence was alot better than Micrsoft keynote.

socomnick3969d ago

well Both of them sucked but I have to say the sony rolly is the stupidest piece of electronics I have ever seen. I would rather buy a chia pet over that crap.

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The story is too old to be commented.