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Why can't we have great blockbuster AAA titles released during the spring and summer seasons. For whatever reason, this is a quick look at some of the reasons this may happen, as well as a couple suggestions to deal with the perennial summer gaming drought.

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JimmyJames702414d ago

The Witcher 2 is coming out in about a week for the 360. I'm hoping it's as good on a console as on a PC.

TheoreticalParticle2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

Reason #1-10 There is a Summer Drought:


Since their stupid site won't let me elaborate without signing in, allow me to explain:

E3 Reason 1: In order to present anything at E3, you have to take time to build a demo, pull the staff for presenting the game at the show, and many other things that prevent your game from being submitted.

E3 Reason 2: All the console manufacturers who are supposed to be doing things like processing your game submission are going to be AT E3.

E3 Reason 3: All the press, fans, and news people who would be reporting/reviewing your game are instead going to be at E3, or paying attention to E3 news about new titles, new consoles and keynote speeches, meaning your game is guaranteed to get lost in the avalanche.

E3 Reason 4: All the knowledgeable people at all the game retailers are going to be AT E3. So instead of having the good people at the counter telling people that your game is out, you're going to have Gamestops and Best Buys fully staffed by the mouth-breathing Madden recommenders.

E3 Reason 5: All the staff who would ordinarily be dedicated to pimping out your game, will instead be AT E3. None of the journalists at the show want to waste their time talking about stuff that's already out, or already announced, they want to see new stuff, and therefore, will not want to waste their time talking about stuff everyone knows about already.

Each of the above 5 reasons will cost your title exposure and sales. You'd figure a "journalist" would know these things.

sikapwach2413d ago

Last time I checked E3 doesn't happen over the course of the entire summer. Publishers still have plenty of time to get games out the door if they wanted to. Rockstar releases a lot of their games during the summer - see GTA IV, Max Payne 3, and Red Dead Redemption, and it hans't seem to hurt their sales. I truly feel that if there were decent games coming out this time of year people would buy them. I mean Star Wars Kinect is a pretty poorly put together game and is still selling well.

tdogchristy902414d ago

I have ME3, AC:R, and uncharted 3 to play through this summer.

GamingBuddha092414d ago

i dont mind the summer drought as it gives me time to work on my backlog that i've amassed for a couple of years

manman62414d ago

I always wonder why games don't release in the summer. It seems like the best time to a new IP since it won't haveto compete with the heavy hitter in the holiday season.

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