Resident Evil 6: New Release Date, No Wii U Plans


During last week's Captivate conference in Rome, Capcom revealed that Resident Evil 6 will be headed to stores far earlier than we thought. While the game was previously announced with a release date of November 20th, Capcom has now confirmed that it will be released on October 2nd.

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ritsuka6662412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

This game will disappoint.RE6 will be for mainstream kids and produce a game that appease Call of Duty players, this game will inevitably turn off its core audience.mark my words =/

RedDead2412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

Still on that topic again?

ORC was for Cod fans. Not this.

Oh really BiggCMan? What the **** was RE4? One of my favorite games ever? Yes it was. Was it aimed at cod Fans? No. Was it action heavy? **** yes/.

On another note: I like how there are multiple campaigns like the Old RE's now.


Also, I'm glad this game is releasing soon. Thank god they don't follow S-E and announce games 6 years early

BiggCMan2412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

Based off the trailer, I see no reason to think otherwise. It was blatantly obvious that it will be a very action heavy shooter like 5 was. If you think Capcom cares about the series' roots anymore, you are mistaken.

RE4 was still very RE like. MANY scary moments, lots of exploration, very eerie, but still a good amount of action which was always part of RE. 5 was a straight up action shooter, ANYBODY will tell you that. Nothing scary about it, no exploration, a completely linear experience. You are blind if you think otherwise.

I do however disagree with it being aimed at CoD fans, you are right in that ORC was for that. But it will definitely be aimed at a more casual, shooter based community for bigger sales and notoriety. I'm sorry if you feel differently, but EVERY developer is doing that now, because it's what makes the most money. They no longer care about anything else.

StanSmith2412d ago


Nothing was scary in Resident Evil 4. I'm not sure why people think it was.

There is alot of people seeing RE4 through rose-tinted glasses all of a sudden. It has the exact same formula as RE5. It was more action horror than survival horror. Resident Evil fans loved it when RE4 did it, but hated RE5 for doing it. That makes no sense.

Resi 5 does not deserve the hate that "hardcore" Resi fans throw at it. It was a damn good game and one of the only games this gen that i played through multiple times. Co-op was a blast.

Ravenor2412d ago

@Below RedDeadDestroyer

Listen to Jeff Gerstmanns description of the Leon S Kennedy demo shown at Captivate in this weeks bombcast. It doesn't sound bad at all.

Everyone likes to write shit off before they even try it.

Gaming1012412d ago

Now that there are zombies I can't imagine it being anything like CoD, the RE team knows how to make an amazing game with good action, so what if you don't have those shitty tank controls from eons ago?
Really, who cares if the game isn't spooky. If it's got some eerie moments like in RE4 that weren't really scary but more intense that really got your blood going I'll be happy.

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Yangus2412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )



-RE6 one best game 2012-
-Day one-
-End of story-

mr_badhand2412d ago

Thats the new black now. Everything that one doesn't like it must be aimed at the "CoD' crowd.

SuperBeast8112411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

LOL true OMG they are changing Tombraider and Devil May Cry!! oh its for the CoD kids now LOL

omi25p2412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

Third person, Co-op game where you fight zombies and other undead creatures and the main weapon is a pistol.

A first person shooter, Were you play by yourself or against other players, you fight Russians and terrorist, who shoot back, And there is no main weapon.

Yep they sound identical. Stop whining about minor changes. So they are speeding it up at little, its called evolution.

If the zombies hadn't changed at all since the first game then they would no longer be a threat due to the fact a cure would have most likely been found.

The reason you can now run while shooting is because the zombies can now run.

I bet if this game was exactly like the originals but with improved graphics you would be moaning because its too similar and CAP-COM are copying Activision by just copy and pasteing the same games every year.

People like you who just whine ruin this industry.

mcstorm2412d ago

If resident evil revelations is anything to go off 6 will be even better than 4 which imo is the best RE game to date. I was not a fan of 5 because it was not a dark game it was too bright and did not have enough jumpy moments. Where as resident evil revelations for me anyway had a good story line and had the jumpy moments (I don't mean as in scared me) But that you are wondering what is in the next room and where the next zombie will come from which made it feel like a RE game.

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Reborn2412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

Pushed up?

Hmm, wonder if they'll regret that move? Interesting move, when a game gets released earlier.

Lord_Sloth2412d ago

Closer to Halloween suits it, really. Just hope the game doesn't suffer because of it.

2EHO2412d ago

I would love to see resident evil go back to a dark zombie setting. This series more than any other seem like a series that needs a true reboot. With all the zombie craze in the world right now and series like left 4 dead that did well I would think they could go back to actual zombies. Only bad thing about revelations... Monsters not zombies.

Pocker2412d ago

U mean the wii u isnt gonna have 3rd party support? But the wii had so much 3rd party support why wouldnt it continue with the wii u?

Oh wait.

ConstipatedGorilla2411d ago

I hate to say it, but Wii U is going to be an HD repeat of Wii: shovelware for that tablet and very occasional good first party games.

neogeo2411d ago

I gave u a disagree because I hope to Hell your wrong. But Wtf? I want it on Wii u. I want great graphics. Will it have great graphics? What the going on?

Pocker2411d ago

the answer is simple.

developers arent going to support systems who are using last gen specs. they want their art to shine to its fullest potential. Wii U is going to be once again on par with last gen (ps4 and newxbox will be out very close to wiiu).

this is why shovelware is so magnetized by wii. shovelware isnt art. its quick cash grab using the easiest most simplistic technology out there aka the wii and next the wii u.

Regent_of_the_Mask2412d ago

The games have been going downhill ever since RE4. I doubt Capcom will ever make a horror game again. They've turned RE into a generic shooter.

Nathaniel_Drake2412d ago

Ehh...You have to adjust to the newer RE's, yeah survival horror isn't as big as it once was with the franchise but take it as an action zombie game, and the cinematics look really good...might be a good story. I wanna play this with my brother online and go through this cool story.

Anyway there are other survival horror games to satisfy out there. Good gaming!! =)

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