Max Payne 3 Complete List of Achievements and Trophies and new screens.

Max Payne 3 includes over 40 unique in-game challenges and accomplishments that span across both the single-player story and multiplayer to add to your Xbox LIVE Gamerscore or your PlayStation Network Trophy collection.

Today we reveal the complete list along with some brand new screens showcasing a few of these.

We've taken the liberty of omitting a few secret ones of course, you'll have to figure out on your own how to unlock those once Max Payne 3 is released this May. Check out the otherwise full list below - you can also see them along with each one's associated icon at the official Achievements & Trophies page on the Max Payne 3 site.

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jlafount2412d ago

Good to see a nice collection of trophies even though I never reach platinum on any of them.

wicko2412d ago

Max rank trophies need to go away