Sumo Digital Developing Exclusive PS3 Title for 2013 Release

GR - "Word would have it (or actually supererogatory tipped us off on Twitter) that the developers of Split/Second and Sonic Racing—Sumo Digital—are working on an exclusive title for the PlayStation 3 due out in 2013."

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sinncross2412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

This is interesting.. so many questions...

Is this a racer or something else?
If a racer ,is it based on a Sony IP like, maybe Destruction Derby?
And will it be unveiled at E3 or kept for Gamescom (since SD are from EU?

Excited to see what this is!

fei-hung2412d ago

If there is 1 thing Sony has never failed to be good at, it is content of games on their system. They could have gone ahead and not released so many due to losses but they just keep on giving.

SuperM2412d ago

But gaming is the place where sony is actually making money. It is not the place where sony should be cutting its losses

Disccordia2411d ago

I thought the Disney studio black rock developed split second.

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francknara62412d ago

Sony... So many games in production. E3 could be epic (Sad for them that King-Nintendo will be here. They'll destroy Microsoft, thought).

baldulf2412d ago

Oh god, let it be an arcade racer.

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The story is too old to be commented.