The Amazing Spider-Man Preview - UGO


Beenox has developed several Spider-Man games, but those all seemed like trial runs compared to what I've seen of The Amazing Spider-Man; the developers are trying to impart a sense of being Spider-Man, more so than they have been able to accomplish with their past titles. Gone is the zoomed-out camera of Spider-Man: Edge of Time, and in is a close camera that does wonders in bringing the player into the action; now you can feel Spidey's swinging and dashing about the city and not feel like a bystander. The difference may seem superficial, but by bringing in the camera and using sound effects like rushing air when you jump and swing, it elevates the action. I've never been Spider-Man before, but this is definitely the closest I've felt to being him. There's a real sense of speed and intensity as Spidey whizzes over buildings and through crowded streets.

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