Diehard GameFAN: Defenders of Ardania Review

DHGF: You can see where Defenders of Ardania seems like a good idea when you play it; mixing real time strategy and tower defense elements seems like a fantastic concept, and could be, but the end result doesn’t quite make that idea match up to the reality. The plot is average and neither adds nor subtracts from the experience, the game looks pretty solid, the audio is acceptable save for the slightly spotty voice acting, and the gameplay can be learned easily through the tutorials but offers plenty of complexity for the player who is interested. The campaign is rather meaty and offers some challenge, and there are also some challenging single player gameplay options outside of that, as well as a multiplayer component that allows for added variety for up to four players to enjoy. However, the game becomes difficult to take due to its mechanics, which are overly complex and time consuming at times and don’t really feel appealing to RTS or tower defense fans, and the single player experience could use some work, especially as it lacks the option to test the other races at all.

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