Sony Thanks Blu-ray Fans

Two days after Warner Bros. announced plans to back Blu-ray Disc, Sony CEO Howard Stringer thanked the company and other Blu-ray Disc backers for supporting the format. Stringer thanked Blu-ray's existing backers for being "true blue all the way through."

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Brian52473915d ago (Edited 3915d ago )

For bringing us awesome HD movies and ending this silly war.

marinelife93915d ago

You're so very welcome Sony.

craymoogy3915d ago

you're my favorite, Sony

n_n3914d ago

i went out and bought 2 Warner movies... now if only Paramount & Dreamworks hurries back to Blu they can also have my $

TheTwelve3914d ago

We actually won the format war, we who bought the PS3. So Sony does need to thank us. But yeah, owning the PS3 has been a pleasure as well. :)


FamilyGuy3914d ago

Me Too!!!! Actually, i bought 5 warner movies which were the five harry potters for a total of $70

$40 for the 4 older ones off and $26 for order of the phoenix

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mighty_douche3915d ago (Edited 3915d ago )

i like to have the best, its nothing to do with who manufactured it.

Eitherway, no worries Sony, just pop the check in the post.

EDIT @ TANOD, like is said, "because i like the BEST"

TANOD3915d ago

anything else is CRAP

disgaea3915d ago

you welcome sony and I will continue to buy games and movies

smokysmoke3915d ago

GOOD WORK im proud to stick with SONY and BLU!!! keep up the good work

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The story is too old to be commented.