IGN's Hands-on with The Club

IGN writes: "Remember the days when you used to sit in the family room and play the same game over and over again and the word "repetitive" never crept into your mind? It didn't matter if a game last 40 minutes or 40 hours because there was a hook that kept bringing you back as you relentlessly worked your way toward perfection. That notion of brief snippets of addictive gaming grew out of the arcade, the land where SEGA staked its claim. The rise of the home console has changed the way we approach games for the most part, but SEGA and Bizarre Creations are betting that there are enough people longing for the beautiful simplicity of the arcade to make The Club a success".

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Perkel3995d ago

i've played demo and i don't get it why it is so funny for everyone... Conrols are terrible, graphic is medium, x/y sensitivy is teeerible (!) even when it's max. I know it's arcadish style but.. it's mediacore. Multiplayer (4 splitscreen) is very fun but this is all....

InMyOpinion3995d ago (Edited 3995d ago )

It reminds me of a Dreamcast game from 2001 called Outtrigger.

Does anyone else remember it?