DiNovo Mini has a hidden PS3 compatibility switch


We actually didn't catch this when we toyed around with Logitech's DiNovo Mini the other night, but the eagle-eyed team from Engadget Chinese just pointed out that there's a switch inside that allows you to select between PC and PS3 modes. We're not 100 percent on what it switches around -- it's Bluetooth either way, after all -- but we're assuming some of the function keys get remapped. Pretty hot -- and definitely less dorky than the absurd-but-ridiculous 360 Chatpad.

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mighty_douche3942d ago

And i agree better than the 360 pad.

Joy's of using Bluetooth.

heyheyhey3942d ago

cool- nice spot engadget

Bleucrunch3942d ago

Yea this looks really cool I co-sign for this one Logictech is doing some big things.

Sev3942d ago

Wow I got to get me one of those when it comes out. Very nice indeed.

Maybe the PS3s open approach to bluetooth Accessories is gonna shine soon.

Now if we only had better mic support.

Darkiewonder3942d ago

IDK. Maybe there's a hidden announcement during an event that Sony will say something about new features to come to the ps3. IDK. Just saying.