5 Studios Microsoft Should Buy

It’s the fuel that feeds the fires of the perpetual console wars. The deciding factor that sways the decisions of some when purchasing a new gaming platform. They’re console exclusives; the games that set the next Playstation, Xbox or Nintendo system apart from the others in ways beyond graphics cards, performance specs, or the ergonomics of the controller.

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dktxx22439d ago

Why? They don't have a good track record with 1st party studios. I figure that MS should only buy studios that need to die.

Amazingmrbrock2439d ago

Thats like the touch of death by most evidence.. Leave the innocent developers alone. MS does best with second and third party support.

Though we may get to see how devs they start themselves work out.

lelo2play2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

I agree that MS doesn't have a great track record with 1st party, since they closed studios like Ensemble Studios... but every company close down studios now and then. Didn't Sony just close Socom studio Zipper Interactive ?

As for MS they do need more 1st party studios. It wouldn't be a bad idea to acquire one or two of those studios mentioned on this list.

dktxx22438d ago

Acquiring studios isn't as simple as just buying them. You can buy the company but you can't force the developers to stay. Just look at Rare. Its a shell of what is was because the developers that made the company what is was all left.

humbleopinion2439d ago

It worked out pretty well for Bungie. It doesn't seem like they died out...

But then again, why should Microsoft buy these studios? It makes more sense to just invest in their IP based solely on a partnership and then nurture them without having to manage them.

This approach both saves money since there's less corporate overhead, gives the developers greater freedom, and with time it benefits all kinds of games and not just Xbox console owners:
Mass Effect is one such fine example: Microsoft helped Bioware establish the franchise, and once it took off Bioware was able to bring it to gamers regardless of platform. The same goes for Remedy who self-published Alan Wake on PC and Playdead which had a timed exclusivity deal with MS and since then ported their game to the PC and PS3. Everyone is entitled to play these great games and so this situation is a pure win-win.

KMCROC542438d ago

Mass Effect is one such fine example: Microsoft helped Bioware establish the franchise, and once it took off Bioware was able to bring it to gamers regardless of platform.(After they were purchased by EA)

_Aarix_2438d ago

This is N4PS3
Anything involving microsoft gets the short end of the stick when it comes to the community.

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Menashe2439d ago

I like the choice of Playdead. Great indie dev. I would have considered Mojang too. Having Minecraft as an exclusive would be a major plus for Microsoft.

Moncole2438d ago

Notch said he will never let any publisher buy Mojang.

Menashe2438d ago

I figured as much. Although, once we're talking about buying Bioware, this is clearly all hypothetical.

Disccordia2439d ago

EA don't have a contract with bioware. They own them! Epic and Crytek would lose a lot of money if MS purchased them because of their engine licenses so I can't see that happening.

Honestly MS have enough studios now. they opened about 8 new ones which was probably the best thing for them as I feel the acquirable Indies studios left are more suited to Sony.

Kran2439d ago

1. No.
2. No.
3. No.
4. No.
5. No.

Most developers would to better independent, without the fear of having to follow strict ownership rules by their "parent". Sure, I might "sell" an IP to a company, but not my entire company.

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The story is too old to be commented.