More details revealed for Xbox 360 with Mediaroom IPTV

Microsoft Corp. on Mon. debuted an Xbox 360 console with Mediaroom IPTV software at the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV.

With a software disc to be provided by the content provider, users can self-install Mediaroom software to add an extra icon in the Media blade of the Xbox 360.

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Bill Gates3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

May as well announce SOMETHING for the 360 since EVERY news 9/10 is BAD NEWS.......AHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA

Sony is having VH1's "Best Week Ever"...AHAHHAHAhAHAHAHA

Dlacy13g3966d ago

I love the idea, but if all you need is a software update is the 360 going to pull in the TV channels and information? I kinda assumed there would be some kind of converter box that the coaxile cable would plug into, etc... Do they intend to feed all the info via the internet and stream it to you? I just dont get it....

Anyone seen pics of it working on the 360?

hella whip3966d ago

In the UK the Xbox IPTV will be through BT. I own BT Vision which is their IPTV service that they have already and it is basically a freeview recorder that gets its signal through an aerial along with on demand content. I suspect that the Xbox IPTV won't come with the freeview part just the on demand (Streamed content) stuff.

TheMART3966d ago

I guess they'll provide the signal over the internet when its IP TV, which is your provider, modem and ethernet connector. No coaxial cable to go in your 360, just the ethernetcable dude...

Pics? There have been video's around the net from the presentation with TV channels

Blademask3966d ago

Step 1.

Fix RROD issues

Step 2.

Look into Multi-Media Applications.

They are just half assing themselves out to get something out faster than the competition, but they are forgetting that the 360 isn't 'living room' friendly. You have 900 'add ons' and its just plain noisy. Tack on RROD rates with people using it as a 'dvr' with a tiny HDD... or blazing fast usb hdd. Just isn't going to work. I love the ideas, the 360 just isn't the machine to do this on. Not until they can prove to consumers that they care enough about them to not have to even worry about RROD. Warranty is fine, fixing the problem is much better.

TheXgamerLive3966d ago

Step 2, I think they know a hell of a lot more than you do, lil boy who lives in his mom's basement.

candystop3966d ago

Iptv has been in the works for years so i can assure you it isn't being half assed! As far as the rrod goes I believe that they have already solved that issue and by the time this service rolls out they will probably have a better refined system or it may launch with the xbox 720!

gamesR4fun3966d ago

ya I hear the new falcons runhas quiet has the ps3 wich would b fine for this still not sure if it will catch on...

allatain3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

by the sounds of it,
You'll have to buy the 360 Hard Drive add-on, from your Media Provider (AT&T, Cable, Dish Network) you'll receive a software disc and some kind of hardware to turn your 360 into a Receiver, and beable to use the 360 as a DVR.

I think this is serious BS, just another way for MS to get owners to buy a way too expensive hard drive and plus, Who in this world can actually keep their 360 on 24/7 because this is what MS is asking you to do.

PS forgot to hit reply, This is a response to Dlacy13g's question

hella whip3966d ago

Which is why I think intitially there will be no traditional TV channels as such through IPTV, certainly not in the UK as BTs IPTV service is just On demand content.

Ureval3966d ago

Pardon my ignorance, but what is IPTV? Does this essentially just turn your Xbox into a cable box and DVR?

hella whip3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

IPTV will is a way of delivering TV content on demand. Its not a recorder as everything is on demand nothing is live you just select the content when you want to watch it. At least thats how it is in the UK. The video quality of the on demand content isn't as good as freeview but will probably get better as Broadband speeds get higher or compression gets better.

Ureval3966d ago

But can you watch things as they air as well or do you have to wait for content to be updated. And what are the costs like for something like that?

allatain3966d ago

will you be able to watch content should Live go down again, I mean your getting content from a service provider not MS so I think, as a consumer, people should be able to watch it without having MS check to make sure

hella whip3966d ago

I can only comment on what BT provide in the UK which is going to be the same that the Xbox has in the UK. There is no live content through BTs IPTV service, Their is a wide selection of programming available on a Pay as you go basis, I think its around about £1.99 a tv episode £2.99 for a film. They have a TV replay feature from the BBC and Channel 4, I think most/all this content is free at least at the moment it is. It offers subscription packages to sections such as music videos, Tv programs or sport (Not live sport). I only got BT vision a few weeks ago so can't say how often it updates.

Ureval3966d ago

So really its not much different from what Live offers now, just more content.

hella whip3966d ago

Yes not much different to what is on offer now except maybe the subscription part and as yet there is no HD content. I suppose it will allow a lot more content as companies like HBO, Warner, BBC and Channel 4 all use it to provide content. Its basically streaming rather than downloading the TV shows.

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