ME3 Fans, Fair Warning: Don't Complain About The Extended Cut

BioWare has responded. The fans should just thank the developer for scrambling to appease them, and forego any more childish complaining.

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ChickeyCantor2288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

"You can't please everyone. It's just the way of the world. "

No, when you have 2 games that do wonderfully well on the choices you make. Progressing the story to a gigantic climax. And then in the end they decide to nullify everything...They weren't even trying to please the fans. They just screwed up simple as that.

The game itself was great, but the ending left a bitter taste.

" you really can't complain about the Extended Cut,"

The fact it doesn't CHANGE anything, doesn't mean the DLC makes everything okai now. The extended cut holds no value.

I wanted to actually fight Harbinger. Destroy it, or actually take control...Maybe fight other reapers with it. Some final epic battle...I know it sounds too gamish...but at least it would be Shepard doing the impossible. At least give us a better final boss battle...Marauder Shields doesn't count!

PopRocks3592288d ago

That was all completely subjective.

"And then in the end they decide to nullify everything...They weren't even trying to please the fans. They just screwed up simple as that."

Well now they're extending the ending. For free. Zip it.

ChickeyCantor2288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

"Well now they're extending the ending. For free. Zip it."

That doesn't make it a good ending. The current endings with different color palettes are weak.

No climax, no nothing. Simply adding more "story" aka explanations doesn't make it a better ending.

Free or not, it holds no promise. The ending is simply an Anti-climax.

You zip it. If they gave you poop for free, I bet you wouldn't accept it. And you shouldn't.

Ill play this "extended" cut for the sake of it,Hoping that somewhere i can be satisfied with this sh*t, but Im sure its not much different than the already anti climatic ending. The extra info won't make it better.

Like I said, the game itself was good, maybe lacking some dialogue choices, but it's just the ending...

I want to love Biowares work, but they basically threw sh*t at their fans. Maybe it was EA...Maybe...


"NOBODY asked them to extend the ALREADY horrible ending so OF COURSE people are going to complain even more. "

THIS...this exactly.
The extended cut holds no value since the original ending is already considered nonsensical.

Outside_ofthe_Box2288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

Zip it?

Why should they? It's not like BioWare/EA did want they wanted. Can you tell me WHO suggested that they EXTEND the ending lol?

BioWare/EA are stupid. They should have left it alone. There is nothing they can do now that won't result in complaints.

PopRocks, I would have agreed with you had EA/BioWare actually CHANGED the ending entirely since that's what ME fans were asking for. NOBODY asked them to extend the ALREADY horrible ending so OF COURSE people are going to complain even more.

BUT once again people don't look at it that way and only see what they want to see which is ME fans being self entitled brats and BioWare being the poor developer that had to comprise their work(which they aren't since they aren't changing anything).

PopRocks3592288d ago

God, gamers are so self-entitled. Given that back in the NES days most games had the shittiest endings that amounted to little more than a black screen with white text telling you "Conglaturation You just beat a great game!" it's amazing that video games have evolved at all.

Seriously, so the ending sucks. Big deal. That doesn't nullify the rest of the experience (and it doesn't entice me to go out and harass members of Bioware's staff or file a fucking federal lawsuit).

Sometimes I really wonder when it will be enough for you people. You're lucky to be getting anything out of Bioware for this game at all.

deep_fried_bum_cake2288d ago

I wish I could agree with you more. I haven't played ME3 yet and I'm sure that as everyone say the ending will suck but what I won't do when I play it is whine like a little girl. I'll look as the game as a whole and base my feelings on the game on that experience.

Outside_ofthe_Box2288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

***"Seriously, so the ending sucks. Big deal."***

Seriously, so people are complaining about how they disliked the ending. Big Deal. I really don't understand why you have a problem with that.

***"and it doesn't entice me to go out and harass members of Bioware's staff or file a fucking federal lawsuit"***

The actions of a few people =/= To the entire group.

***"You're lucky to be getting anything out of Bioware for this game at all."***

I agree with this. If I was BioWare I would have left the ending alone and let people complain until they tire of it. Like the author states, you can't please everyone. So no matter what BioWare would have done there would always be a handful of complainers, though I do think there would also be a handful of former complainers that would at least appreciate that they at least tried had they actually CHANGED the ending.

All BioWare/EA has done is extend the EXISTING ending which the ME fans are complaining about. Can you not understand why people are continuing to complain?

I personally think that ME fans should let it go as it is obvious now their voices have been heard, but I at least acknowledge the fact that I UNDERSTAND why they are continuing to complaining instead of calling them self-entitled.

TheKindRoost2287d ago

Not that I care about ME and the ending but do you know what Self-entitled even mean? Why should we please the publishers and developers? we aren't the ones trying to sell'em games, they are. They should be more than thankful that we are even buying their games.

PopRocks3592287d ago

Because a shit ton of work goes into those games and without the people who make them who put that time and effort into making those games, we don't get to play them.

Yes, corporations make profits off of those games (as in your money goes to them, not usually the developer. The publisher would probably redistribute that money to the developer) but the people making those games are generally artists who care about the field.

Criticism is A-OK in my book, but how about some fucking respect for these people? Harassment? Threats? Federal lawsuits? I mean come on.

MysticStrummer2287d ago

When the main selling point and main innovation of a series is that decisions carry over from game to game, and the developers specifically state that holds true for the final game, then that distinguishing feature is thrown out the window at the end of the story, there is a problem. Saying "the ending sucked, big deal" is a huge oversimplification. Storytelling in games, which has come a long way since those NES days you mention, is a huge part of an RPG, and this RPG claimed to give players more control over that story than most. In the end that wasn't true. Why can't people like you admit Bioware messed up big time? It's not self entitlement when the dev doesn't follow through with their own promises. I love the title of this article... fair warning... give me a damn break.

greyhaven332287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

Funny, cause the entire game I played wrapped up every major decision I made from the past 2 the ending didn't have a bunch of different little variations depending on choices you made, neither did 1 or 2. The 3 endings we get gave huge variations in the state of the galaxy afterwards, whether its popular to say they do or not

aliengmr2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

You do know there isn't a federal lawsuit right? Filing a complaint with the FTC is not the same thing and will likely do nothing at all. Except to show how horrible ME3 fans are.

When a book is written or a movie made there is constant feedback from many outside sources that ensure this kind of thing doesn't happen. They don't ensure that there is a "happy" or "sad" theme to the ending, no. They are there to make sure it fits with the narrative and is well written.

If this was only about the theme of the ME3 ending I would have said nothing. Whatever the theme is, fact is it was poorly written. I really have no idea how they thought that abomination of writing would be accepted.

Introducing a very important character in the last 5 min of the story without any context at all.

Placing the resolution before the climax, while giving no "payoff" whatsoever.

Then, sticking a bunch CG clips together that serve only to confuse the audience.

These are just 3 examples of why the ending is bad objectively. There are rules in storytelling for a reason. If you have to explain anything to the audience after the fact, its safe to say you failed. Thus the "extended cut". Fact is BioWare isn't known for bad writing. And because of the very impressive job they did with the rest of ME3 the flaws of the ending became all the more apparent.

Most seem to think poor BioWare was held at gunpoint and forced to do what the fans wanted. They weren't. If they really believed in the artistic integrity of the ending, they would have said no. They didn't. So you are okay with criticism as long as its ignored? Because this is all that has happened. Criticism is the only thing BioWare is responding to. A couple of idiots saying mean things on the internet is hardly a new thing and a complaint to the FTC on advertising is a joke.

You see, it was only the whiny fans everybody hates that pointed out these flaws. It was only the fans that seem to hold BioWare to they standard that BioWare themselves set. Without the people paying for games, games would not exist and neither would the gaming sites that insult said people. Doesn't matter how the money is distributed, no money = no games. But somehow the group that pays deserves the least respect. I disagree.

OdinX2287d ago

Yeah, but back then games weren't capable of story telling like they are now; also, gaming has evolved in more than just pretty gfx and story telling. Gamers nowadays don't consist of 13 year olds, a lot of gamers are over the age of twenty. It's called progress, gaming is no different.

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greyhaven332287d ago

I love mass effect, and its not my story to tell so if I didn't like the ending its my problem, not BioWares. Keep complaining if that's what you want, I'm getting a free dlc and more mass effect out of it already

Grimhammer002287d ago

After I beat mass3 I thought it was ok. I get what they were trying to say.

But I also see why others are upset. Since I'm in the minority - I think bioware should have created an ending that simply segued into the mp.

Easiest way to end a game they probably had no idea how to do - don't! Just have the fight continue into mp.

Hicken2287d ago

If the ending still sucks, people still have the right to complain. End of Story.

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