LBP release date could be revealed at CES?

Sony's awaited title LittleBIgPlanet could have a date release revealed at CES.

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MaximusPrime3602d ago

if they say September then thats fine with me. There will be so much things to do in the coming months. This year is going to be Sony's year.

LSDARBY3602d ago

September is the perfect release date tbh. enough time before the holidays for people to be aware of it when buying a console next xmas.

akaFullMetal3602d ago

I sorta hope it is before September, so that we dont have a drought of games during the summer, thats if KZ2 and others are pushed back.

pwnmaster30003602d ago

did sony do there ces thing already

Skerj3602d ago

Sony Corp yeah but SCEI hasn't yet though, their show is tomorrow.

Devr3602d ago

Nice. Any idea when exactly?

mighty_douche3602d ago

I want a Beta date more than the offical release!!

I just wanna play the f*cker asap!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.