Ghost Recon Online FTP - PAX East 12: Gameplay (Cam)

Players at PAX East 2012 take Ghost Recon Online for a test drive.

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GamerSciz2320d ago

I have been playing this in the closed beta. The one thing I dislike right away is that if you wait too long and everyone else levels up you have next to no chance to survive. Considering they have money so they have better weapons, purchased grenades, and purchase a side-arm of sorts. To start you just have a crappy MP5 depending on class and no sidearm or grenades or boosts or nothing.

In other words, the matchmaking is going to have to be really good in order for this to be fair.

ExPresident2320d ago

This is the problem with free to play games. They have to stop this. Its clearly a money grab and they could honestly care less about what players think. PR will play their game of acting concerned but the bottom line is as long as they continue to allow people to "buy a win" its stupid.

Buying items in f2p games should be solely based on cosmetic stuff.

GamerSciz2320d ago

It's fun, and requires tons of teamwork but its a sharp learning curve.

gtxgamer22320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

Game does look good i just dont like how you can't see your hands when you aim. (EX: Pistol, Sub Machine Gun)