G-Swag Podcast: Ready For Sony’s Next Gen Offering? What Really happened on the tester 3?

T-Hill writes:

n this episode:

-Special Guest this week: AkilleezMight

-We talk about our impressions on Sony’s next console’s spec’s

-Do you believe in Ninja Theory? We gauge our anticipation level for the next Devil May Cry.

-Was the DMC anime too over the top?

-What Really happened on the tester 3, Will gives us the skinny on the show! The Suzkaiden Drama, How the tester changed his Life. Remembering where you came from!

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kevinsheeks2321d ago

Never got to watch the dmc anime it just didn't look right to me and I'm kinda sad they just threw the original series out to replace it with this new dmc

TheSuperior 2320d ago

Well thats kinda sad, they shouldnt just toss a series aside like that :(