Lay Off’s Hit THQ…Which Game Got Hit Hard?

T-Hill writes: So this may be a shock to many and it really impacts me because Vigil Games is one of my favorite developers in the industry.

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kevinsheeks2233d ago

Oh gosh that is very terrible about the mmo being changed into a single player with online portions.

I guess im selfish as well because I'm really concerned about dark siders 2 I hope it gets out soon without a hitch thanks for the news :)

denero12233d ago

It's sad to see any company have to lay-off employee's and when it starts to effect game development it's a problem
we need to really support our devs :)

TheModernKamikaze2233d ago

Another hundred people just lost their jobs.

Jourdy2882232d ago

Ugh. I saw this happening, and it's both sad and ironic- it seems a lack of risk taking proved to be the biggest risk of all.

NYC_Gamer2232d ago

I'm good long as these two games aren't in jeopardy

Metro:Last Light
Devil's Third

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