Game Guys hands-on preview - Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention

John Speerbrecker: "At a recent NIS America event, I had the chance to get a hands on demo of the upcoming Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention for the PS Vita. If you have played Disgaea 3 on the PlayStation 3 before, expect to see the same story, but in this version they have really turned it up for the amount of content and interactivity."

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Indigo1232290d ago

the game has more content than skyrim+oblivion

TheSoundDefense2290d ago

I wonder how many people are butthurt about all the DLC being included when they bought it all on PS3.

SactoGamer2289d ago

I don't think they will be seeing as this version of the game is for a different platform.

knifefight2289d ago

You still have to beat this game to unlock all of that DLC though. Aside from Raspheryl mode, it's not all available right away.

It's too bad that PS3 version owners can't import their saves to have all of the DLC characters available from the start :/

Still a great package overall though.

danny8182289d ago

yea guys "be ready to have you life sucked away"