There is hope for modern RPGs

If you’ve read anything about RPGs in the past few years, you’ve probably seen some complaints about a number of issues that are found in new RPGs.

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PopRocks3592359d ago

"I have not had much excitement for any RPGs (with the exception of Skyrim) over the last five years."

There's your problem right there. The problem isn't the games. I recently played and loved Xenoblade (which has gotten a lot of good reviews). Maybe the issue isn't the games as oppose to your taste in them.

Godmars2902359d ago

On HD consoles with JP devs unwilling to make any investment or change how they've been making SD games? Not likely. Though change is happening. Very slowly.

Pity Square who should have the resources lacks the creativity.

Indigo1232359d ago

you lost me when you said skyrim man...........

theres been so many great rpgs this gen east and weST i lost count

honestly......he doesnt sound like much of an rpg fan........

hes really missing out on things like deus ex, devil survivor, disgaea, mass effect........

and the thing he likes most is skyrim? which perphaps lists everything he hates?

deep_fried_bum_cake2359d ago

Well Skyrim is a very good and content packed RPG (no matter what you may believe) so there's nothing wrong with that. But you are right in saying that he has probably missed out on quite a few good ones if Skyrim is one of the only ones that excited him.

I didn't like when he said "unless it sucks, then I sometimes stop about halfway through" as I don't believe that you can decide a game is crap without playing it fully, it could be a game that grows on you.

Indigo1232359d ago

i agree you need to play a full game

mbuff2359d ago

Which RPGs would you recommend?

Lilioups2359d ago (Edited 2359d ago )

what lacks for me in the elder scrolls series is the lack or none existant MAIN story

unlike JRPG wich gets always the best storylines art but lack mostly in open world-free roam gameplay

humbleopinion2359d ago

I think you are mixing "main story" with "in your face cgi cutscenes".

You do have a main story in the Elder Scrolls series. Sometimes it's not that good (Oblivion) but it's still there, with nuances and with very deep lore backing it up - something which few other games actually invest in.

Perhaps it just doesn't feel "as long" because of the non linear nature of the game, and the huge breadth it offers.

Wolfbiker2359d ago


If you want an HD jrpg then i recommend Nier, Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, Valkyria Chronicles, Eternal Sonata and FF XIII-2.

on a handheld go for Radiant Historia, LoH Trails in the Sky, FFVII Crisis Core, Nostalgia, Sands of Destruction, SMT Strange Journey, and and any Persona game.

ShinMaster2358d ago

The story is very forgettable. The characters are somewhat shallow and also forgettable. There is little sense of urgency and drama.
Unless exploration of landscapes is your thing, the main story was subpar. I don't like fetch quests. What good is a lore with lackluster storytelling.


Tales of Graces f.

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CarlitoBrigante2359d ago

Indeed, the only reason this guy listed Skyrim is because everybody bought it from the mega hype, not becoz this guy was an ex rpg fan to begin with.

There are so many great rpgs this gen like Disgaea, Persona, Radiant Historia, Valkyria Chronicles etc

Son_Lee2359d ago

If Namco would localize every Tales game, that would be a damn good start.

PopRocks3592359d ago (Edited 2359d ago )

Tales games need to sell more first. There has to be enough demand to justify it. The whole reason Xenoblade and Last Story were localized is because Operation Rainfall was big and loud enough to make Gamestop and XSEED reach out to Nintendo and have these games distributed.

Just to note, I'm not denying that Tales of games are successful here. I like them myself. Sadly I don't think they're quite as recognized as they should be. At least for now anyway.

catfrog2358d ago

historically tales games have only sold well on playstation platforms, yet they only released one tales game so far on playstation. maybe the problem isnt with tales selling well, but how namco is trying to sell it.

they should follow their customers, not try and make their customers follow them. putting a tales game on every platform except where the majority of your past sales have been is stupid.

Lilioups2359d ago

since ff died xenoblades all the way
my last hope from square enix is FFV13 if that game doesnt do either im done with square and gonna wait the next title from mistwalker,level 5

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