A Game of Thrones RPG Screenshots Tour King's Landing

Publisher Atlus have released some new screenshots from the upcoming Game of Thrones RPG, offering a glimpse at the in-game depiction of the iconic port city of King's Landing.

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BitbyDeath2354d ago

What is with all that bloom?

NYC_Gamer2354d ago

Wished a good studio had The Game of Thrones rights

deep_fried_bum_cake2354d ago

I know that would be great but I hope that this will be good. The games seems to be a clone of dragon age origins, and while I was one of the few who loved the combat in that game, it doesn't belong in a game of thrones game.

mynameisEvil2353d ago

Better a Game of Thrones game than no game at all. Let's face it, BioWare isn't going to bring it back, so might as well see how this dev handles such a combat system.