SBG Review | Tales of Graces f: This Tale is a well-crafted one

The Tales series is a tough one to gauge in the US, marked as it is by inconsistent localizations and wildly varying quality. Despite the fact that 8 of the 14 main series games have eventually been localized, it’s probably a good bet that people haven’t played any of them. Regardless of your past Tales experience though, Tales of Graces f deserves a spot in your collection.

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deep_fried_bum_cake2288d ago

And apparently a whole heap of PS2 JRPG nostalgia. Hopefully I'll have the money to buy it when it releases in europe.

Indigo1232288d ago

nostalgia would mean its in the past......

with over 10 tales titles this gen.......

tales is far from the past

deep_fried_bum_cake2288d ago

Never said it was the past I'm just saying that a lot of reviews have said this game is reminiscent of PS2 jrpgs.

Kamikaze1352288d ago

Which is true considering not many Tales have been localized here. So while a lot of Tales games HAVE been released this gen, most people haven't gotten a chance to play it. I say most because EU and the US are the biggest markets for gaming.

Relientk772288d ago

I am 25 hours into it. Omg its such a good game.

Infernostew2288d ago

70 hours on my game clock. One of the best experiences I've had on the ps3 this gen.

rextraordinaire2287d ago

95 hours in, still much side questing to do!

Amazing game!

belac092288d ago

i cant stop playing it, i LOVE this game!

Arcanine2288d ago

Amazing, im over 90 hours and i go to college and work... GOING FOR PLAT

izumo_lee2287d ago

Finished on Normal as well as the lineage & legacies modes. Currently working on Zhonecage. Than trying my hand at the other difficulties. Having an absolute blast with this game!

Any of you guys catch the 'Lightning' & 'Sazh' cameos in the game?

Infernostew2287d ago

I played through on Moderate and it wasn't that tough. Hard is another story though...

rextraordinaire2287d ago

I set the difficulty at Hard or Evil for field encounters, and Normal or Moderate for bosses.

It takes a lot of grinding to keep up with the game, but hell, battles are the high point of Graces F, aren't they? :)

Infernostew2287d ago

Easily one of the best battle systems in a jrpg. So addicting and fun. Plus playing with each character is a whole new experience.