Was the Lack of Big Xbox 360 News at CES a Letdown?

David Walker writes, "Bill Gates' last keynote ever at CES has come and gone, and Brier Dudley at The Seattle Times believes the lack of a big Xbox 360 announcement at CES was a missed opportunity. What's interesting is not the dismay that Brier has expressed, but rather, what he's dismayed about. Recent rumors were flying around that Microsoft would "finally" integrate an HD-DVD drive into a new Xbox 360 SKU, although the company has constantly reiterated that it has no plans to do so. This rumor, though, wasn't what Brier was expecting."

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nn3934d ago

is this the guy who started the xbox 360 ultimate rumour?

Violater3934d ago

Hanna Montana

Biggest announcement evaaarr!!!

JsonHenry3934d ago

I just want to know what exactly was everyone expecting? I mean, really?

Rice3934d ago

4 words.
Hanna Montana sucks.........Balls

coltsfreak183934d ago

an hd-dvd 360. If it was that, Bill obviously knew that it would lose him $$

DRUDOG3934d ago

Something, anything. That's all that people wanted. I do understand why you ask, but you should've known this would happen since MS basically said nothing and only talked about how great things are going. WB going exclusive and the hit that HD-DVD (and to some degree 360) is/will take needed a boost by anything Gates could've given to xbox nation.

AzaziL3934d ago

Is Xbox Live finally goes free, or at least the multiplayer part since it's pointless to pay for something that's broken (on and off here and there doesn't cut it for me).

Either that or a release date for GTA already dammit!!!

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power of Green 3934d ago

I don't know but the media and Sonyfanboys were out of hand and the Warner deal really got the media trying to get hits and Sony fanboys really got rabid thinking it was their chance to fool idiots in thinking the 360 was doomed and the new Xbox was on its way.

360 owners and people in MSFT knew there was no new Xbox from the start.

crazy250003934d ago

i never heard of this ultimate until hd dvd people started talking about how its a secret weapon for them...go blame them

mullet3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

...Every time I see you accusing anyone of being a fanboy when you're a fanboy yourself.

Sony fanboy this, Sony fanboy that. If you hate them so much then stop posting and quit crying. No one cares about your problems.

Mr_Showtime13934d ago

the first time I recall reading about the ultimate was some site in a way claiming that it was out to take down the PS3.

As for the 360 being doomed, i think everyone knows thats a rubbish thing to say, but the fact of the matter is, at this point in time, Microsoft really have nothing lined up for 2008 to compete with the strong looking future of the PS3 and the Wii. Personally i feel that they are underestimating Home for a start, not to mention having no really strong titles this year(proven titles i mean). Already me and friends at school have started to get board of our 360s, I just got mine back the 5th time from Microsoft whilst my PS3 has given me no bother what so ever, hell Im considering not even updating my live account in march, thats if i decide to get GTA4 on PS3 which i most likely will, but if the d/l content is really worth it on the 360 i'l buy that version too.

basically what I'm trying to say this year wont be as strong or as successfully as last year unless they start to come up with some new innovative ideas and games, not copies of home, or motion controllers etc

Dlacy13g3934d ago

Well I guess you need to sit back and think about what kind of announcement you would expect at CES...Consumer Electronics Show? Hardly a place to make any kind of game announcements really. I mean the audience isnt gamers...its hardware retailers for the most part. So no game announcement TOTALLY makes sense and I would suspect given how large their booth is for GDC we will be getting some big announcements their.

As for the announcements...well I for one was glad to not see an "ultimate 360" announced. I think MS has the right mix of sku's now for this console. Price drops and bundles are the future for the 360...not another sku.

The movie partnerships while not earth shaking are really pretty big. The 360 really has been HUGE on the home download front. And the addition of ABC network was nice to see.

The IPTV announcement with the UK cable provider was actually pretty big! Big from a business standpoint. I mean think about it...people in the UK now will have a choice to get a 360 probably free when they sign up for x amount of months for cable, blah, blah...its a genious way to gain more market share... i.e. a MS Trojan Horse.

So all in it was flashy draw dropping 360 exclusive game news at CES...but was it really supposed to be given the kind of show that CES is? I am guessing there are more than a few high level cable execs in the US that this news got their attention.

d3l33t3934d ago

more fanboy kids hyping up the gaming industry. 20% of people on here can legally drive

Dareaver13934d ago

best comment yet, bubbles for you sir, bubbles for you. That makes the most sense.

nitramn4g3934d ago

MS never show games at CES, any idiot knows that. Except for sony fanboys (Little big lpanet will get delayed!!!!!!!!!!)

mighty_douche3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )


later is better than NEVER. Sony delays games for the gamers BENEFIT. Only idiot actually pay attention to release dates anyway. If you had around 2 years work left to do on a project how can you be expected to give a concrete date?

It's like me asking you, "when will you ever get laid?" see, there just no way you can answer that.

EDIT @ kornbeaner, lol cheers bro.

hotshot1273934d ago

thats why you get games like MASS EFFECT.

i would rather a delay then to get a half assed game anyday.

kornbeaner3934d ago

that was mighty funny, mighty douch!!!!

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