Starhawk Devs Want Their DLC To Stray Away From Big Expansions

RA "Starhawk is poised to have a steady stream of post-launch support after its May 8 release, Sony Santa Monica producer Harvard Bonin told RespawnAction. That is, however, if there's a market for it."

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BitbyDeath2358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

I think Starhawk will get more sales than Warhawk since it has had more exposure and of course the Ps3 now having a much larger userbase than it did 5 years ago.

360GamerFG2358d ago

You'd think that, then you look at Resistance 3 and you realise it isn't always the case. Same thing with the Motorstorm games. . .

BitbyDeath2358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

Motorstorm Apocolaypse coming out the same time as Japan had it's very own Apocolaypse was just really bad timing. R3 may have been a great game but R2 brought it down IMO.

I've just bought R3 recently and gotta say... R1 is still the best.

rajman2358d ago

I loved the beta and will sure buy the game, but I dont think it will sell as much as Warhawk, mainly because the flight is no way near as good as it was in the first and its been the most complaint things about the game, and since everyone got to try the beta I think alot of Warhawkers wont be getting it

BitbyDeath2358d ago

I got Warhawk when it had first come out and it did take a while to get used to Starhawk.

There's still a number of things i don't like about Starhawk (like regen health and no weapon spawns outside of bases) but i will get it for the co-op.

the worst2357d ago

im a warhawk vet and i will not buy starhawk.
boring gameplay.its not as fun as warhawk

sinncross2358d ago

Indeed. But this DLC thing is interesting... affordability is key... loved the beta and definitely going to pick this up.

the worst2357d ago

starhawk will be a failure
and warhawk will live on

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THC CELL2358d ago

starhawk and warhawk has a huge fan-base it will do well i loved the beta and the game i can not wait for i am a little tied between this and dust in the future.

r212358d ago

i seriously hope this game doesnt get overlooked. may is gonna be a tough time, what with Diablo 3 and max Payne 3 coming out with Starhawk. of course, ill be buying starhawk day one and max payne 3 soon after that.

cfountain2357d ago

i already have my copy peordered....i wish Amazon would give us something for preordering tho.

ginsunuva2357d ago

No. They should stick to that significant expansion dlc that warhawk used. Those are much better than 5 dollar mission packs.