Modern Warfare 3 – Elite Maps Sanctuary and Foundation Hit Xbox Live on April 10th

MP1st - Beachhead Studios announced today that Modern Warfare 3 owners on Xbox 360 with premium Elite subscriptions will be getting two new maps tomorrow.

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bobrea2050d ago ShowReplies(1)
supersonicjerry2050d ago

These maps seem like they might be good. Still won't buy it should have been on the disc already.

christheredhead2050d ago

It should have been included? What? Were the 16 original maps not enough for you? Jeez.

supersonicjerry2050d ago

Most of those maps are trash. At most 9 of them are good. You seem like you're a COD drone. Enough said.

christheredhead2050d ago

I don't even play COD, but I mean, 16 maps and you're still whining?

R1CAN6172050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )

Wow really a church.....

LightSamus2050d ago

I wonder why this hasn't been promoted. New maps just coming out randomly isn't like Activision.

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