Rebel Yell: The Mass Effect Civil War

As one scrolls through the residual mental images of world history left behind by his high school education and the Assassin’s Creed games, it often seems as though the American Revolution segued almost immediately into its Civil War. With perhaps slightly more accuracy, one is also reminded of the tenuous alliances of World War II giving way to the abrupt and lasting enmity of the Cold War. These massive oversimplifications are not only the result of a childhood in which more attention was paid to delightful animated edutainment programs than to our stodgy and insistently live-action teachers, but also to an innate human inclination to draw causality between our most defining moments of conflict. The Mass Effect series comprises a five year war fought collaboratively by players and BioWare against the Reapers; now that it has ended in a tri-colored yawn what else is there to do but fight with one another?

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googergieger2318d ago

One of the best articles I've read on the matter. Read period actually. Does a great job of giving the fans point of view, some video game community insight, and not pandering like a lot of other articles do.