[Push-Start] Review: Kinect Rush - A Disney Pixar Adventure

Pixar’s films have the uncanny ability to appeal to all age groups. The simple plot lines crossed with beautiful animation charm younger audiences, while the underlying themes and humour also work just as well for adults. Pixar games on the other hand sometimes have a harder time achieving this, primarily because as it’s an interactive experience, the game needs to be able to be played by the younger audience, generally resulting in a streamlined platform game without much substance.

If I told you that a Pixar game was launching for the Kinect that allowed to interact with your favourite characters as you travel through five colourful worlds, you’d be expecting a collection of motion controlled mini-games right? Well, Kinect Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure is here to prove you wrong! Featuring a perfect combination of varied gameplay including both open spaces and on-rails segments utilising all aspects of the Kinect, yet also providing an in-depth progression system, it might j...

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IQUITN4G2324d ago

I have cousins and friends that will go nuts for this. And the truth is that yes while i enjoy the likes of Bayonetta say or Gears and Halo, i really do enjoy Kinect as well