Top Ten World Map and Stage Select Themes

There is no song that we hear more in a game that the world map, stage select, or character select screens. These are a constant in our adventures and today we highlight the best of the best.

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Son_Lee2318d ago

01. Field of Expel - Star Ocean: The Second Story
02. Final Fantasy VII Main Theme
03. Crossing Those Hills - FFIX
04. Wind Scene - Chrono Trigger
05. Blue Fields - FFVIII
06. Main Theme - Zelda series
07. World Map Theme - Legend of Legaia
08. Tiberoa - Legend of Dragoon
09. New Worlds - Mass Effect 2
10. Main Theme - FFIV

Cennus2318d ago

I definitely agree with Mass Effect 2 over 1. Also, FFIV and VIII have some of my favorite overworld themes.

oldfriend862318d ago

Marvel VS. Capcom 2 - Take me for a Ride? That game had the worst music. I felt like I was in a casino, rather than kicking some ass.

Infernostew2318d ago

No "Emotions" from Xenogears? Shame...

Son_Lee2318d ago

THAT'S the song I forgot to add to my list in my post. I knew I forgot something. Man, that song is amazing...

kasasensei2318d ago

And Lost Odyssey world map theme?!