Superheroes And Villains That Should Have Their Own Game | There are so many games that focus on characters that have been in the Avengers, Justice League, or the X-Men. We’re up to our ears in Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, and Wolverine. We rarely see a comic book game use someone out of the ordinary as a main character. Even some of the characters that are on those teams are left out of the spotlight or pushed in the back as little NPC’s.

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acemonkey2292d ago

John there was a game base on the 1 down

but the rest i would like to see...Nova would be like Iron man tho

Cennus2292d ago

Yeah I kind of want to forget about that Constantine game.

Baka-akaB2292d ago (Edited 2292d ago )

I think Nova as game , could easily be a space opera epic of the magnitude of Mass effect ... even without those choice rpg elements , but with the een more so epic storylines from story arcs like Annihilation .

now the Magneto idea seems perfect , and could even actually happens

Doom works best as an antagonist , or unlikely hero , not so much as the main character . And he's way too much for any foe to handle , unless you go crazy cosmic (for those he'd steal the power anyway) or pit every heroes against him .

Cennus2292d ago

I disagree to a point about Doom. He never really was able to get over on Morgan le Fey. He tries and may even push her back once or twice but he learned from her. She is the master.

As for the Nova idea, if they put that much effort into it, I completely agree.

Baka-akaB2292d ago

He actually managed to one up her . Even if at some point he needed help from the Dark avengers , it was part of his manipulations .

And at the end of the day he owned her with a spell she didnt know about . Doom didnt learn just from her .

Hicken2292d ago

Nice article. Good list of suggestions, too.