FFXIV Gets FFXI Jobs -- and There Was Much Rejoicing

FFXIV gamers who are still fans of FFXI will be pleased to learn that the most recent patch for MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV includes FFXI-based jobs that add secondary jobs to the existing primary jobs scheme in the game.

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gtxgamer22321d ago

No one is probably gonna agree, but since the F2P market is growing i would suggest Square do the same to increase its player count to get the game more lively.

Stephen55432321d ago

I'm not a big fan of subscriptions. I know I would play it again if it was F2P (I originally picked it up when it was F2P before, but cancelled when they brought back the subscriptioin)

iamtehpwn2321d ago

If they keep going, FFXIV might turn out to be the game it should've been from the start. I'm actually rooting for them on this. Most companies would've simply abandoned the game and cut their losses, it does make happy they're willing to fix what they messed up.

Although,Problem is, they need to stop messing up so much out of the gate.

Spenok2321d ago

This is very true. The fact that they are devoted to making sure this game at least satisfies fans before they give up is a good thing on their ambition and character.

Sure, as you say they do need to stop messing up out of the gate, this will undoubtably give them insight on what the fans want out of their games for the future.

FFXIV, as ive been saying for a while now is shaping up to be a damned fine MMO. It still has a little way to go before it is worth it to the masses to be a Pay to Play game (though i am personally paying for it myself right now). However, i have no doubt, that by Oct-Dec of this year, when 2.0 hits, and the PS3 version along site it, it will be an absolutely fantastic game.

Myst2321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

:D -- now where might my PS3 version be :(

Actually never mind I remember it's coming out next year and closed beta by the end of this year... *sighs*

Spenok2321d ago

Its actually supposed to launch along side 2.0, which is scheduled for Oct-Dec of this year.

Zechs342321d ago

Yeah man, if it even comes out at all :/ I can only hope if it does, it'll be free to play by then!

Myst2321d ago

Wait I thought -- oh nevermind I like the idea you guys have of it releasing alongside 2.0 instead of next year. I hope it does indeed become that.

SnotyTheRocket2321d ago

Been waiting, Bitterly, for Three YEARS!

TheBrightIdea2321d ago


can I +1 you 50 more times

Kyosuke_Sanada2321d ago

My roommate is real anxious for use to try Final Fantasy XIV but I remain adamant to wait for the PS3 release before we decide to hope on? Is it true that this game will have male Mithra finally?