Why Hasn’t Microsoft Jumped On The HD Remake Bandwagon?

TheCrapgamer of writes:
We live in the day of the remake, we see them all the time lately. I’m not just talking about gaming, but in movies and television as well, it seems that everything old is new again at some point and time. Lately with all the HD remakes coming out, I’ve started to wonder why Microsoft hasn’t jumped at the chance to join in on the fad of releasing games from last generation with a coat of fresh paint and some Achievements. I know what your thinking, Didn’t Microsoft just release Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary? Its true enough that they did release that last year, but I look at Halo CEA as something slightly different from a standard HD remake. They totally used a newer engine over top the old engine, re-recorded all the score and added online, co-op and co-op over Xbox Live. It was basically a reboot of Halo Combat Evolved and it was very well done

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Valenka2359d ago

Well, they did release the anniversary edition of Halo: Combat Evolved. Whether it was HD or not is unbeknownst to me, since I haven't played it or really kept up with the game series. But Microsoft, or should I say, Micro$oft might not really see that much of a profit with HD remakes, and thus are staying out of the schoolyard with that one. Maybe they're focusing on more profitable releases?

yewles12359d ago

Halo: Ani. was sub HD (1152 x 648) and the only actual remake as opposed to all the HD Remasters being called remakes (because certain people can't tell the differences it seems).

badjournalism2359d ago

Really? How was it a remake versus a remaster like all the others? It was the same damn game as when it came out in 2001. They gave the option for the original graphics.

RedDead2359d ago

Because they have backwards compatibility?

GraveLord2359d ago

It's actually because they have no games worth remaking besides Halo.

kaveti66162359d ago

There are games on the Original Xbox worth remaking, but Microsoft probably doesn't own the licenses to any of them.

I'm taking about Kotor 1 and 2 (if they can repair the damage), and Jade Empire. Two of these games were developed by Bioware, so the licenses probably belong to either EA or Lucasarts.

There's also Halo 2.

Tai_Kaliso2359d ago

There were a ton of great original Xbox games.
They own all the Rare IP's, which could easily be remade. Conker Live And Reloaded is a game tons of people want to see. Crimson Skies, Brute Force, KOTOR, Jade Empire, Fable, Panzer Dragoon, Shenmue 2, Toejam And Earl 3, Voodoo Vince, Blinx had a couple of solid games.

I think the Xbox 360 could use some platform games, it'd also help get more interest in a possible new game starring Blinx.

Really loved those games.

PhantomTommy2359d ago

The backwards compatibility is fairly limited, not all games run as smooth as they did on the original Xbox.

Malice-Flare2359d ago

they do have BC, but its limited. i had to wait before Fatal Frame I and II became compatible...

_Aarix_2359d ago

Its not as limited as people make it out to be. I can enjoy the old halos, forza and fable along with gta san andres and jet set radio. Thats more than i can say about my ps3. I have a stack full of ps2 games i like to play on it since my ps2s disc reader broke but no, it doesnt have it.

LivingTribunal2359d ago

I rather have sequels to the launch games. Like Chromehounds 2 or The Outfit 2.

Cajun Chicken2359d ago

The Halo remake was stellar, if not the best HD remake I've played because of the 'back' feature. I keep on meaning to pick it up. Wasn't a simple port.

BitbyDeath2359d ago

MS don't have enough studios to keep producing HD remakes.

kaveti66162359d ago

They have plenty of studios. Too many of them are working on Kinect games.

BitbyDeath2359d ago (Edited 2359d ago )

True, perhaps i should have said "available resources"

Tai_Kaliso2359d ago

Microsoft has a ton of internal studios available. People keep saying they are making all these Kinect games, the reality is that very few Kinect titles coming out were made by a Microsoft studio.

Even Kinect Sports Season 2 was mostly made by a different company other than Rare, rumor has it Rare is working on something next gen.

Anyway, Microsoft opened 4 new studios in 2011 alone and also bought Twisted Pixel, so they have quite a few quality studios and they could always do what Sony did and just use internal studios to crank out the HD remakes and slap Achievements on those games.

That is what I'd do anyway.

ginsunuva2359d ago

No they just don't have any more classics to remake.

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