The Revolution Is Over, Stop Trying

If there’s one thing I hate hearing is how “X game is REVOLUTIONARY!” or how “Y game is a X game killer!”. And yet when the game comes out it’s none of those at all. In fact let’s just be real, the revolution is over, it wasn’t televised and you weren’t in it.

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Dante1122291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )

The whole GT5 vs Forza 4 ("King of racers", "Lol, GT5 first week sales in the US, GT5 killer") articles were pretty plentiful and funny but I think the Alan Wake buildup to release was one of the funniest moments on n4g. Journalists and gamers called it a SH2 killer, best survival horror game this gen, 720p/60fsp open world art and even started some lame comparisons with Heavy Rain (Graphics. They aren't even in the same genre lol). Once it released, boy were the articles and threads heated.

The n4g link to the article "Alan Wake: Best Graphic on Consoles" that I'm looking for got removed by the mods on the Gametrailer forums but the thread is still up for all to see....47 pages!!!


cynosure2291d ago

Gran Turismo 5 flopping was much funnier but i think FF13 going to 360 was hands down the funniest.

Dante1122291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )

@ Cynosure

GT5 flopped? News to me lol (GT5 sold 7-8 million and still sells today)...and how does FF13 going to 360 relate to the article?

But on topic

"I think the thing that bothers me the most is that developers think they have to be revolutionary to be successful and worse yet gamers make them think they have to. I fail to think of a game that was revolutionary actually. Almost every huge game has in fact just been evolutionary. They took elements from other games, genres or mediums and mixed it into their game and created something new to the scene."

True, every game takes a little bit from each other. Gears of War took the OTS view from RE4 as well as it's cover system from Killswitch (Didn't invent it like some like to say here). UC3 takes some elements from Tomb Raider and Heavenly Sword from God of War.

cynosure2291d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

84 on metacritic.The game was expected to be much better than it actually was so yeah it was a flop
For comparison Forza 4 is 91 and actually lived up to its "GT5 Killer" title

smashcrashbash2291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )

Hey stop talking BS and get out. GT5 didn't flop. It sold more then Forza 4 and still got above average scores and is STILL the place to go if you racing simulation. Forza 4 is still just an arcady racer missing many of the feature GT5 does.

Turn 10 wishes Forza was as popular as GT5.After all their trash talk about GT5, 360 people showed them how much they cared about Forza 4. It barely crawled past a million units because they didn't care. GT5 fans still care. Sorry to burst your bubble but come back when Forza can sell as many units as GT5 and is as popular as it.

deep_fried_bum_cake2291d ago

You've been a member 5 days, that explains the 3 bubbles. Enjoy them while you have them. 84 is a good score for a game, especially if you consider than sites such as IGN posted there reviews without playing the game enough to realise that there was damage.

On topic
Reading the title I was a bit sceptical but the article is right. Most games are just evolutions and not the revolutionary games developers strive for. Although I don't think that developers should stop trying to revolutionise as nothing bad comes from creativity.

suicidalblues2291d ago


You're a perfect example of how a fanboy plays the numbers. If it sells better on ps3- play the metacritic score, if it sells more on 360- play the sales numbers.

Hicken2291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )

GT5 a flop. Check this guy out.

You can always tell people who haven't actually played a game; they can't decide whether to go by sales or by metacritic, and they're usually wrong by both.

That beloved 91 Forza got sure didn't help it move any units. On the other hand, GT5 sold millions despite some rather pathetic reviews and that "horrible" 84 on metacritic.

So, yeah... what's a flop again?

Edit: Sales "again?" And which console's userbase was it that trumpeted sales for years?

Oh, and generally speaking, sales are what determines whether or not a game has "flopped" or not. Here's a definition for you: http://www.merriam-webster.... "to fail completely." Complete failures don't sell 7 million copies. Complete flops struggle to reach 1 million, especially when highly advertised and hyped.


cynosure2291d ago

Its quite amusing watching Sony fans trumpeting sales all of a sudden.
I was talking about reviews.Please stop bringing up sales.Your making yourselves look silly

deep_fried_bum_cake2291d ago

I addressed the reviews and I also gave you some advice to enjoy your bubbles while you can. The others addressed you calling it a flop, which it wasn't. You're the only one looking silly here.

BitbyDeath2291d ago

You cannot compare review scores of any game vs another because reviews are not written with other games in mind.

Hence why games like Pacman can score a 10 for graphics.

They are all based off their own merit.

IMO GT5 deserved the 8.5 from IGN. It's a great game but there was still more that could have been done better.

Don't bother comparing it with Forza, the two games are too different.

MysticStrummer2291d ago

You make yourself look silly. Is it on purpose or are you really clueless? It's so hard to tell with text.

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josephayal2291d ago

Gran Turismo 5 is, in my opinion, is the best racing game to date

BitbyDeath2291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )

Good article.
The problem though is a lot of developers cannot afford to take risks so instead of creating their own unique vision they produce sequals or try replicating someone else's work in a new skin.

As technology increases the cost of producing games will only get harder, Sony and MS need to come up with an affordable solution. We do have devs out there like Epic who license their own engine out to other devs but this should only be the start. Sony and MS themselves need to get onto this and produce ultimate engines for their own systems and at affordable prices. They each have the resources but i think this will not become more apparent until nextgen.

specialguest2291d ago

GOW3 is a good example of a game that didn't do anything revolutionary from prior GOW game series, but everything it did, it did so well and epic. That was what made the game so good, despite not being a complete overhaul of the series.