Fortnite Platform Listing Changes After Epic's PC Announcement

Epic’s recent announcement of a PC-exclusive title just happened to coincide with a change in the platform status for the upcoming ‘Fortnite.’

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GamingPerson2052d ago (Edited 2052d ago )

I hope it's not Fortnite. I hope it's called Samaritan.

StayStatic2052d ago

Oh yeah , the demo looked crazy can't wait for some unreal 4 graphics :D

GamingPerson2052d ago

Lets see. Unreal Engine 4 will be revealed later this year..

Epic's pc game comes out most likely next year.
we will see!

turgore2052d ago

Epic's PC game will most likely be something free to play or a social game on facebook.

NYC_Gamer2052d ago (Edited 2052d ago )

Its gonna be some piece of garbage....i'm not really expecting anything major...might end up being some flash/social junk....

Grap2052d ago

don't know why ppl hate soo much on Fortnite

Moragami2052d ago

Doom 4 would be cool, but that's not likely to be a PC exclusive. Then again, consoles wouldn't be able to run a true Unreal 4 game, so maybe it is DOOM 4.

Samaritan was a cool tech demo, but damn, there's going to be some serious upgrading going on to run that engine.

pr0digyZA2052d ago

ID is already doing Doom 4. They have already announced that.

STONEY42052d ago

Epic doesn't develop DOOM. That's iD.

Unreal Tournament 4 would be awesome.