First Gameplay of Medal of Honor: Warfighter Coming Thursday Night

Make sure to climb out of your foxhole on Thursday night, because Gametrailers will officially reveal the very first gameplay footage of Medal of Honor: Warfighter on their segment GTTV.

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Reborn2358d ago

This should be interesting.

Hopefully, it's really good stuff.

Skate-AK2358d ago

Wonder if it will be PC or PS3 footage.

Zechs342358d ago

I'd definitely go with showing the PC version. Show off the game in its full glory with Frostbite 2 at max!

StayStatic2358d ago

The contrast between the new one and the old one will be insane if this turns out to be true :D

GamingTruth2358d ago

yeah i must admit thats true, ps3 is always the low end of multiplats anyway

KingOptimus1012358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )


Really because Final Fantasy XIII, Ninja Gaiden 3, Naruto, & NBA 2K says Hello.

AusRogo2358d ago

@GamingTruth enjoy your extra pixel, dont know about you but id rather get the extra stuff that ps3 gets, such as dead space ,2 came with Extraction and moh 2010 came with Frontline.

F7U122358d ago Show
GamingTruth2358d ago


what are you talking about what are they?

yeah in multiplats they are both garbage compared to pc and that is all since ps3s architecture, and that only barely ps3s exclusives still smash anything on pc

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ginsunuva2358d ago

I thought we already saw some gameplay... kinda

anonymous923482358d ago

Can't wait :)

Just hoping this time, the MP will offer more maps, weapons, and unlocks.

The last one just felt so bare bones and didn't offer enough to keep people playing.

Skate-AK2358d ago

Agree with everything. The veteran weapons you unlock are a joke. It's just a skin.

shackdaddy2358d ago

DICE really screwed over DC with the last one imo. Made a half-assed multiplayer then didn't support it at at all. It could have been such a better game.

Might be EAs fault(they might have forced DICE) but still...

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