Rumor: Guitar Hero - U2 Edition

Orlando Sentinel "Control Freak" blogger Mark Reule has an opinion about the next installment of Guitar Hero.

He Writes

"After reading through February's EGM, I noticed a little tidbit about a rumored Guitar Hero sequel featuring a band that "rocks in mysterious ways". Give up?

Think 1991. Think Achtung Baby. It can only be U2."

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God of Gaming3574d ago

Oh Hell Yea Baby.. this would rock

InMyOpinion3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

U2 aren't rock, they play easy-listening.

Seriously, Guitar Hero needs some real riffing. They should add more bands like Devildriver, Entombed, Kyuss, Fu Manchu, MC5, Slayer, Pantera etc. Riff rock!

On a more personal note I would love to see some death, black and sludge metal songs.

Guitar Hero Yngwie Malmsteen edition ftw lol!

socomnick3574d ago

U2 wtf they suck what kind of weak ass songs would they put.

cmrbe3574d ago

No band out there is better than U2 except for the rolling stones. Listen to Until the end of the world then tell me any song better than it.

socomnick3574d ago

U2 is so soft though man.
Why cant we get a Gh metallica edition something that would actually be fun to play.

Skerj3574d ago

If this proves to be true, the GH franchise will soon die out from oversaturation.

zoojedi3574d ago

That would be awesome! I'd like to see U2 in Rock Band, too.

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The story is too old to be commented.