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Sliding across the bar room floor, gun in hand, pizza in mouth, shouting “WOOHOO!” Yes, this is the Dante I remember. Before Ninja Theory attempt to recreate one of the PlayStation 2's most influential franchises, Capcom is giving us one more glimpse at a series that stands in stark contrast to recent game design trends.

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firelogic2359d ago

2 great games but the score is a little high in terms of an HD release. Seeing how it's a "remaster" more emphasis should have been put on the technical aspect of the package.

Lord_Sloth2359d ago

That's a score I can agree with. 2 amazing games and 1 decent title all on 1 disc with solid gameplay for a title I've already started filling with my time!

Whitefox7892359d ago

Were these guys not aware all menu's and cinematics were at 4:3 aspect ratio while the gameplay was at 16:9?

Lord_Sloth2359d ago

I'm certain they were, but if they're like me, that doesn't bother them in the face of the epic and unrivaled gameplay at hand.

True but I didn't have any issues with RE4 HD either.

Soldierone2359d ago

Thats true, but the collection is called an "HD" collection....if they take that out of the name its a rather nice collection....but its not HD, its the crappiest attempt at HD yet and its not surprising since it is Capcom afterall.

Two great titles like DMC 1 and 3 deserve better effort. I feel bad for anyone that gets turned away from the series because of this.....

Whitefox7892358d ago

I'm just saying man if I hear HD collection I expect HD (Games are great though), I mean hell with the MGS HD Collection did you hear how often Kojima commented about the options for the cutscenes?

I myself won't be getting this cause, I still have the 5th Anniversary Collection that got into the series in the first place (Plus a 60 GB PS3).