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Ian Fisher writes: Ninja Gaiden 3 can be used as an example of what happens when an established developer tries something different with a franchise and in part attempts to open it to a wider audience: it becomes terrible. While most of the elements in Ninja Gaiden 3 aren’t broken or filled with game breaking issues, the experience is far from perfect thanks to combat that lacks the skill the series is known for and visuals that are as dearie and bland as a ninja game can be. There are glimmers of hope in the multiplayer mode of the game, but the core Ninja Gaiden 3 experience simply fails to live up to its predecessors and instead will simply make people appreciate how good the first two Ninja Gaiden games were.

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rowdyBOY2323d ago

AGREED 4/10 AND IGN 3/10

ninja gaiden 3 was dissapointingly horrible