Video Games Are Art Says the Smithsonian

T-Hill writes: Developers like David Jaffe and Ken Levine have talked about how video games are almost art and how they want them to be considered art but the truth is they already are.

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Ilovetheps42054d ago

I've never really cared if they are classified as art or not. As long as I'm enjoying the games, I don't really care what you classify it as.

Godmars2902054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

And all the brew-ha-ha around Mass Effects proves that they aren't. Or more than often they're product rather than art.

Or to say simply: some are, some aren't.

Hicken2054d ago

They're art in the same way that music is art, or in the way that filmmaking is art. There is creative vision and artistic process involved, but as an interactive medium, its value is highly dependent upon its audience.

Dante1122054d ago

I personally see games as entertainment rather than art. But yeah, I agree. Some games are artsy, some games aren't.

Valenka2054d ago

Well I wouldn't go as far to say that video games in general are "art." Sure, the design behind them is artistic, but they're more of forms of entertainment.

Jourdy2882054d ago

In part. I believe that a game of tag isn't really art, but something like Braid is.
There seems to be a rift between games with points that are about winning and games with goals about sharing messages.

neogeo2054d ago

Seriously, I think that 2d games with hand drawn animation is the best form of game art. First game I can remember was Astal for Saturn. What a beautiful game. So many I cant even name also is way under rated.

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