PlayStation Store Preview – April 10, 2012: Sexy Skulls

Want to know what's coming in this week's PSN Store update? Find out in PSLS' weekly preview, covering games, DLC, demos and more for the PS3, PSN and PS Vita.

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alexcosborn2355d ago

Gotta give Skullgirls a look

Sev2355d ago

It's quite good. Animations are beautiful.

LostTokens2355d ago

I got to play it as a beta, so pretty and handled really, really well. *squee*

Insomnia_842355d ago

Shift 2 has been in the store since sunday, I already dowloaded it.

dbjj120882355d ago

Sour Patch Kids? No thanks.

strange19862355d ago

I know. It's hard to believe that it's a real thing.

Majin-vegeta2355d ago

Sniper Elite looks good i'll give it a try.

Is persona 3 a good game can anyone confirm??

LOGICWINS2355d ago

No one can "confirm" to you that a game is good. You might have different tastes and preferences than they do, hence their impression of the game might be different from yours.

I haven't played it myself, but at $10, its worth the gamble if you know you enjoy JRPGs. I'm getting it as soon as it comes out.

HeavenlySnipes2355d ago

One of the best JRPGs I've ever played. I'm saying this and I only played the portable dumbed down version on the PSP. This one is in 3D and has more constent. That and currently the PSP version costs $20 on PSN lol. Give it a go

Dravidian2355d ago

It's a good game, but whether it's to your taste is another matter as Logicwins said. As a RPG, especially a jrpg, it's one of the greats.

The only two things I dislike about the game (they're only a problem when put together and it rarely happens) are insta-kills and the fact that if the main character dies in battle its game over. I hated going to a new area and coincidentally equipping an element that a boss could one shot on the first turn.

However, it only happened twice or thrice, so it's really not bad at all. And I can't think of any glitches or flaws that would turn people away.

The game is simply beautiful, intelligent, fun, engrossing, and creative.

I have it for ps2, but mine is broken, so I'm debating getting it for psn or just getting a new ps2.

Curse Sony for ignoring backwards compatibility in the later models.

Rainstorm812354d ago

You wont be able to find a PS2 for 10$ so you might as well download it on PSN.....cant beat that

I havent played it yet myself i think ill be getting it tonight

TooTall192354d ago

I'm excited for Sniper Elite.

I just got P3P yesterday but haven't had a chance to play it yet.

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Resistance_lord2355d ago

And yet again, no Machinarium :(

insertcoin2355d ago

Skullgirls looks amazing, actually.

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The story is too old to be commented.