Why Sony Needs To Make SOCOM: Tactical Strike 2 For the PS Vita

"Given the processing power and control possibilities offered by the PlayStation Vita as well as Slant Six Games’ experience with creating AAA-quality portable games, SOCOM: Tactical Strike 2 could perhaps bring a more streamlined and accessible tactical action game that brings could potentially revive the action-strategy genre on handhelds."

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Dante1122238d ago

That would sell. The Socom games on the PSP have always been good too.

2238d ago
KYU21302238d ago

first they gotta find a new studio to develop it

Yodagamer2238d ago

Not really sony would probably hire slant six games to do another one O.o

STK0262238d ago

Is anyone still willing to hire SlantSix?

sinncross2238d ago

Well Sony have a wealth of 2nd party studios at their disposal...

SoundGamer2238d ago

Zipper made great PSP SOCOM games. Too bad they're gone now. :(

n4gisatroll2237d ago

As far as I remember, slant six made most the Socom psp games.

SoundGamer2237d ago

Slant Six only did Tactical Strike and Fireteam Bravo 3.

Zipper did Fireteam Bravo and Fireteam Bravo 2.

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