Despite Zelnick's prediction, THQ not quite on life support

Gamasutra- Gamers were treated to a rare bit of executive candor Thursday from Take-Two Interactive Software's CEO. Strauss Zelnick's comment that "THQ won't be around in six months" was shocking not so much because of his prediction, but because they seemed less like the contrived back-and-forth between Electronic Arts and Activision-Blizzard - and more honest opinion. The bigger question is: Was he right?

The aftermath of the comments was pretty much what everyone knew would happen. THQ took umbrage at the remark, calling Zelnick's thinking "outdated and inaccurate" and his comments "irresponsible and false." Zelnick, in turn, issued an apology that was worded much like something a politician would say.

For those who haven't been following THQ's travails too closely, though, Zelnick's comments were a wake-up call. Will the publisher of Saint's Row be nothing but a memory before the end of the year?

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NYC_Gamer2289d ago

Looking forward to only two titles published by THQ...

Metro:Last Light
Devil's Third

Moncole2289d ago

They also have Darksiders 2, inSANE, South Park game and Dawn of War 3. They have tons of great games coming out.

FarCryLover1822289d ago

It seems pretty bad though. May not be life support, but they have a deadly disease that they need to overcome. Hopefully they do.