A FES-tivus for the rest of us: Persona 3 FES Hits PSN Tomorrow

Aram Jabbari // Manager of Public Relations and Sales, Atlus:

PlayStation.Blog readers,
There’s a new PlayStation 2 Classic coming to PlayStation Network. I want to talk to you about it. Instead of just getting to the darn point, though…LET’S DRAG THIS OUT.

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Dante1122291d ago

Finally, YES! Can't wait.

Redempteur2291d ago

Should i buy this game for the 4th time ? ( Y/N ) ?


wait 9.99 $ ??


LOGICWINS2291d ago

For some perspective, it's still $30 at Gamestop. I've never thought I'd see the day where I'd find a legitimate incentive to buy a game off PSN rather than a retailer. If Sony continues to give people monetary incentives like this, P3 FES definitely won't be my last PSN game purchase.

TheGameFoxJTV2289d ago

That what steam does, it just makes sense since. I love when companies start adapting to modern day. I love Digital distribution.

ElasticLove2291d ago

Never played a Persona game before, so I'll give this one a shot.

deletingthis346753342291d ago

Haven't got around to playing any of the Persona games. I've heard nothing but good about them and looking forward to playing this. I don't have a PS2 compatible PS3 so this is good news. Atlus is definitely my favorite publisher, better than Square-Enix for damn sure. One of the few left that did not abandon their loyal fans for extra money. They published one of my all-time favorite games: 3D Dot Game Heroes.

metsgaming2291d ago

A little late for a festivus celebration. I guess its Time for the airing of grievances then the feats of strength !

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