“Unfortunately, Consoles Kind Of Dictate The PC”

GameBlurb writes, "While the PC is getting a lot more love than it used to, it doesn’t mean that not everyone is putting their full effort to it."

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Gordo7892360d ago

while this is true for AAA titles, I think that the burgeoning indie scene is breathing a lot of new life into the PC as a gaming platform. Indies will keep the PC relevant.

Dante1122360d ago (Edited 2360d ago )

Yeah, the only exclusive that I've heard of for the PC was the game that Epic is developing for it. Wish more devs would show the PC gamers love. They tend to get the short end of the stick almost all of the time.

GamingPerson2360d ago (Edited 2360d ago )

what about Sony?
2000 players on a continent! Battles last for days not an hour.

Only possible on a pc.
with these graphics anyway.

If most pc games sold like skyrim then this wouldn't be much of a problem.

& that is boxed copies.

DeadIIIRed2360d ago

@GamingPerson It sold well, but it was still only about 20% of consoles sales. The real money makers on PC today are social media games. PC gamers in five years will be defined by middle-aged women who watch soap operas.

Saladfax2359d ago


Yes, just like the 10 year olds playing with motion controls will dominate the console market in 5 years... durrrr

20% compared to console sales on retail means nothing considering the majority of PC games are bought digitally. It wouldn't surprise me at all if Skyrim moved 3-4x as many copies in the digital market as it did in physical, which could pretty easily mean it sold as many or more copies as the individual consoles did.

GamingPerson2360d ago

indeed! Consoles won't hold back pc indies from trying new things!

PopRocks3592360d ago

The indie game devs love the PC and gamers really love indie games. And you know what? That's cool.

Much better than shitty iPap apps, that's for sure.

theroadtoruin2360d ago (Edited 2360d ago )

i don't mind consoles holing back the PC, games still look better and saves me from upgrading.

BitbyDeath2360d ago

RTS games will also keep the PC relevant.

theeg2360d ago (Edited 2360d ago )

pc went a full generation past consoles in 2007 with crysis 1

now its 2 gens past, metro2033, the witcher 2, arma 2, hard reset, bf3, crysis 2

on pc all those games make uncharted 3, gow3, killzone 2 and 3 look beyond last gen!

nothing holds pc's back,

look at bf3 on console

lowest possible settings, sub-hd 704p, no anti aliasing jaggies everywhere and framerate at best 20-28 per second
and still, STILL only able to have smaller maps and lowly

12v12 or less players, lag spikes, framerate dropping to the teens with smoke and explosions on screen

on pc, ultra settings, 1080p, 1200p, 1440p, 1600p, 16x anti aliasing, not a jaggie in sight, 60-120 frames

HUGE maps

64v64 players

BF3 on pc is 2 generations ahead of bf3 on consoles with 5 times the players, way better performance and bigger maps

pc does everything better and always will


a LEAP in graphics over the current standard

current consoles standard = sub hd or 720p at best, jaggies, 20-30 frames or less, pop-in, screen tear, low res textures

those things do not exist on my pc

i am two gens beyond, so is everyone with a gaming pc from the last few years

BitbyDeath2360d ago (Edited 2360d ago )

"now its 2 gens past"

What does a generation mean to you?

@theeg, how can PC leap over itself to form the second jump?

Pretty sure consoles will always hold the standard and PC will always be above them as having upgradeable parts which seperates them from the pack.

The "Standard" should always be whats normal/average. Which rules out the high-end. (PC)

Your definition sounds like you are trying to predict the next lot of consoles in thinking they will not match/beat what is currently in existance.

They may not match/beat current high-end pc's when nextgen comes but as of now it is unknown and even then the new consoles will form the new standard.

Hicken2359d ago (Edited 2359d ago )

PC generations are defined by... what, exactly?

New GPUs?

New CPUs?

Advances in hard drive tech?

New monitors?

PC evolution is so segmented that you can't place a generation on it. What generation is this for PC, by the way? It's probably in the 20s or 30s, based on technological advancements, but it could be even higher than that.

Trying to categorize it the way consoles are categorized is impossible.

Your graphics card can be "next-gen" in that it's the most advanced thing out there for PC. But it'll still only and always be current gen while it's in use.

Oh, and all this:

"sub hd or 720p at best, jaggies, 20-30 frames or less, pop-in, screen tear, low res textures"

is completely possible on your PC, ergo it DOES exist. Just because you can go above that doesn't stop it from being present. Or does 5MPH no longer exist because a car can go 200?

Edit: I figured you'd not be able to understand, and you didn't disappoint.

The entire point of bringing up speeds was in reference to your ignorance in stating "those things do not exist on my pc." In other words: they do exist, but you can surpass them. It had nothing to do with my "Pinto" (which should really just be a Ford, or a generally slower brand, like, say, Citroen) versus your "Ferrari"(which, if you were to match the use of "Pinto," should have been an Enzo or a 458 Italia- though I prefer the Scuderia, myself).

The rest of the tech you spout is irrelevant, as it does absolutely nothing to dispute or negate what I said: PC does not have generations in the same sense as consoles.

Do you even know how console generations are defined? I'll bet you don't. You should probably look it up.

Yes, PCs of mid to high-end capacity will always be superior to current generation consoles. So what? Consoles aren't competing with PCs; they're consoles, they compete with each other.

I think it's sad that the best you can do is talk about how much more advanced your PC with current parts is than something that was originally designed nearly ten years ago.

theeg2359d ago (Edited 2359d ago )

just beacuase your pinto goes 5mph and my ferrari also can go 5mp doesnt make it valid to speak of it when comparing the two

most people who game on pc, (probably over 300 million of them) considering things like this are so common;

most people now have dx10 or better gpus, dual core- quad cores, 4-8 gb ram

in other words the majority of gamers on pc are WAY beyond anything on console, GENERATIONS beyond

when next gen consoles come out, they will already be last gen compared to pc

many on pc have moved on to 1440p and 1600p with 16x anti aliasing

think new consoles will support that??, they will start at 1080p, then a few years into them the resolutions will shrink like this gen as devs try to do more, by the end of the next console generation people will be gaming in grubby 720p again with

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