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GameDynamo - "Fable Heroes is a bit campy, sporting a cartoonish look, and it's being called a Gauntlet-inspired game; it also seems like Castle Crashers meets Lego Star Wars. It has a pop-up book feel and a playful tone, although it isn't necessarily for kids."

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Dante1122325d ago

Look decent. Might try this out when it releases.

Tai_Kaliso2325d ago

I know it got slammed here, but everyone that I know that went to PAX absolutely loved it, said it was a cross between Castle Crashers and a traditional beat'em up.

They always release a Fable arcade game to coincide with the release of a Fable retail release, but this is the first one I'll actually be picking up, wasn't a fan of Pub Games...

360GamerFG2324d ago

I didn't have much hope for this game and although I still think they are using the Fable name as a draw card, I am warming up to it.